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Atomic Alchemy Productions, aims to set the standard in high-end media products, crafting and catering to each individual client. We offer multiple services, each which will be tailored to your specific needs. 


Atomic Alchemy can produce any video or audio production you would like, whether it is for television, internet or any other information delivery system. 

Online advertisements: From 15 second spots to use for Instagram and Twitter, to full length commercials, let us handle every step of the process. We can write, cast, produce, film, edit, score and then deliver a polished and top-line product. Our staff will meet with you to work out exactly the message you want to bring to your potential audience. 

Online content creation: Due to the amount of information streaming to consumers every minute of the day, only something that is unique will find a viewer. Let us come up with ideas such as stop-motion animation, logos, original jingles, scores and short information clips focusing on a very specific part of your product. 

Film and television production: We are also a full-scale film studio with its own writers, directors, crew and producers. Should you need a larger production from a full length commercial to a fully produced movie, we can handle your needs. 


We can help you create a strategy to release your media to the widest audience possible. Atomic Alchemy will develop a plan of reaching people you haven’t been able to find in the past. 

Primary Services

Original Film and Documentary

AAP is a full scale studio, specializing in any length movie.

Online Media and Advertising

We can create top online media and advertising, helping your online or brick and mortar business. 

Corporate and Private Events

Let us create and film a unique corporate or private event.

Original Musical Scoring

Our own music studio can create and record and original score for your production.

Full Photography Studio

Award winning photographer Tyler Chauncey is our head photographer. 

48 Hour film

Check out a 5 minute film we wrote, filmed, edited, scored and completed for the 48 Hour Film Contest.

We Shoot in 4k!

Top of the line production

We use the best equipment on the market today. With this camera drone we can shoot any angle you can possibly conceive.

Stand Out

The look of the 4K video is amazingly life like and pops out to your potential audience.

Real Estate

Let us create 360 interior and exterior walk-through of your property. Potential buyers can look at the house from any device, at any time of day, piquing interest and driving up the number of interested buyers.


Let us film and edit your band's video. A professional looking promotion vid can mean the difference in advancing your career or being lost in the herd.


Talk to us about our special rates for non-profit organizations.


We would love to discuss your projects.

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